All You Need to Know About Towo Labs’ Newly Released XRP Toolkit V2

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Sweden-based blockchain startup Towo Labs that focuses on building an XRPL supported hardware wallet firmware for Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S, has announced the launching of a new version of XRP Toolkit known as XRP Toolkit V2.

Towo launched the upgraded version of the XRP Toolkit after months of hard work. The XRP Toolkit V2 is designed to help users unlock the full potential of XRP Ledger. It supports all 17 XRP Ledger transaction types, it has offline support for all operating systems, and it is designed as a progressive web application (PWA).

The development came as a huge one for Ripple and its community as it helps ease and secure XRP transactions.

The XRP and XRPL community greeted the development with felicitation and many, including Wietse Wind, Bob Ras of Sologenic, Arturo Portilla praised Towo Labs for the achievement.

Towo Labs is a Ripple-supported company. In 2019, Xpring, Ripple’s investment arm, invested in Towo Labs to support the company in its course to develop a hardware wallet firmware that supports all XRPL transaction types.

The new XRP Toolkit allows users to perform varieties of new functions like the creation of escrows, a wider selection of assets to be traded on the XRP Ledger’s decentralized exchange, trading of SOLO token and connection with their Xumm wallet

Also, the new upgrade lets users manage their crypto assets well with the security of a hardware wallet like Nano Ledger X and Nano Ledger S. New options like Min/Max, tags, invoice ID, fee, flags are also available on the XRP Toolkit V2.

The co-founder and CTO of the Swedish company, Patrik Sletmo, said the new development brings him excitement as it marks the first of many releases, and new features Towo Labs would be rolling out soon.

Towo Labs CTO XRPL

CEO Markus Alvila said the upgrade was achieved by a joint effort of Towo Labs and XRPL Labs.

Towo lab CEO XRPL

With the latest upgrade, users of XRP Toolkit are handed trustless, non-custodial XRP Ledger web interface that allows them to execute any transaction type.

Scammers in Action, Send 130,000 XRP to ChangeNow & 43,000 to Godex

The forensic team of the xrplorer that monitors and works against all fraudulent activity on the XRP Ledger, xplorer Forensic, has just reported another activity of hackers on the XRP Ledger.

xplorer Forensic noted that a sum of 130K XRP has been moved by hackers to ChangeNow exchange and 43K XRP was also transferred to Godex cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The two platforms have however contacted xplorer Forensic, requesting more information about the transactions.

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