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bKash Founder Kamal Quadir on Mobile Banking Industry in Bangaladesh at #SwellbyRipple
bKash Founder Kamal Quadir on Mobile Banking Industry in Bangaladesh at #SwellbyRipple
December 14th 2019
Competition Legitimizes The Space!!!
Competition Legitimizes The Space!!!
December 14th 2019



From Bitcoin forecst by the cretor of the notorious Silk Ro mrketplce to rising volume on the XRP Leger, here’s look t some of the stories breking in the worl of crypto.


Bitcoin is poise to surge to $00,000 over the next yer, ccoring to the founer of the rknet mrket Silk Ro, which ws known for selling illegl rugs n illicit goos.

Ross Ulbricht is serving ouble life sentence plus 40 yers without the possibility of prole for running the online mrketplce, where users trnscte in Bitcoin.

In new < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">blog post on Meium, Ulbricht sys he’s getting Bitcoin chrts sent to him in prison on weekly bsis. He’s trcking the leing cryptocurrency’s trjectory using Elliott Wve Theory, mrket nlysis metho tht ims to preict future price ction by ientifying crow psychology which mnifests in wves.

Ulbricht sys his nlysis of the first cycle, which is broken up into five wves, shows BTC is likely to rech $00,000 in 00.

“If the price move of wve ⑤ ws on pr with ① n ③ (530–60x), it woul hve to en roun $93,000-$09,000.

Thus, if our interprettion tht wve ⑤ is not over, n the ~$0,000 pek ws just wve (3) of ⑤, then goo trget for the en of wve ⑤ of ⑤ of I is roun $00,000.”

< href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">Source: Meium

Despite his imprisonment, Ulbricht is consiere pioneer in the crypto inustry, n more thn 50,000 people hve signe < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">petition urging for his clemency.

Venture cpitlist n Bitcoin bull Tim Drper recently me helines by < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">clling for his relese.

“I get tht he’s got to be n exmple, n he steppe over the line. But he’s been in jil for while. Get him out. I cry when my ct goes into cge, it ters my hert out when these prisoners go into cges.”

Ripple n XRP

New numbers show the use of Ripple’s XRP-powere cross-borer pyment prouct On-Demn Liquiity (ODL) my be on the rise.

The Liquiity Inex Bot shows recor XRP volume this week ginst the Mexicn Peso on the crypto exchnge Bitso.

Bitso is one of the exchnges powering ODL, n money trnsfer gint n Ripple prtner MoneyGrm sys it’s now moving 0% of its ily trnsctions between Mexico n the US by using the liquiity prouct.

twitter-tweet” t-with=”550″ t-nt=”true”>

Liquiity Inex for Bitso XRP/MXN (8-y moving tren)
Dy progress: 9%
Toy so fr: 9,095,60
All Time High: 8,567,4
Dt: < href=""> < href="">

— Liquiity Inex Bot (@LiquiityB) < href="">December 3, 09


The Litecoin Fountion’s efforts to rise money to fun the reserch n implementtion of privcy fetures pper to be pying off.

The Fountion hs now < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">receive 63 LTC worth bout $7,30 t time of publishing.

Litecoin cretor Chrlie Lee sys he will mtch every ontion. The money will fun efforts le by eveloper Dvi Burkett to implement the Mimblewimble protocol.

twitter-tweet” t-with=”550″ t-nt=”true”>

Receive! Thnk you.

— Chrlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@StoshiLite) < href="">December , 09

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