Bloomberg price indicator: Is Ethereum heading towards a price crash?

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The recent data from the Bloomberg price indicator has revealed that the Ethereum (Ether) yesterday had the most active session of the year. Released in 2015, the Ethereum is a global, decentralized, public, open-sourced blockchain-patterned computing platform. The Ethereum (Ether) has been seen by some investors as a Bitcoin alternative with a better technology compared to Bitcoin.

The impressive rise of Ethereum has made it a favorite with investors. Meanwhile, the Bloomberg price indicator has shown warning signs of the crypto encountering a bearish and downward price movement.

Bearish warning signs from Bloomberg price indicator

The bullish trend of the Ethereum (Ether) has revealed signals of it being overbought. When there is an excess of 70 in an asset’s index, then such an asset is seen as being overbought. A signal from the Bloomberg price indicator has revealed the Ethereum reaching 92.7 indexes, its highest since May 2019.

The rapid growth of Ethereum (Ether) could also lead to a rapid decline of the current bullish trend retrogress by critical resistances. The Ethereum, according to the Bloomberg price indicator, has drawn market investors from rival coins, especially Bitcoin (Btc), and has been enjoying favorable price dominance. The price indicator monitors digital assets in their overbought regions and shows the Ethereum (Ether) amassing 30 percent of the index.

Will the Ethereum bullish trend still continue?

The Bloomberg price indicator, a product of the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index, is fashioned towards the measurement of performances of cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and Zcash.
Irrespective of the Bloomberg price indicator signals, the majority of crypto analysts and investors are still optimistic about the bullish trend on Ethereum. Invariably, the Altcoin has enough room to continue its dominance or otherwise. If the bullish trend should fail, a crash in price is bound to happen.

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