Brad Garlinghouse To Be Keynote Speaker with SEC Chairman at Fintech Week 2019

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@JoelKatz @xrp_news @Ripple …
September 9th 2019
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September 9th 2019

As each day passes we are closer and close to Fintech week 2019.  Fintech Week 2019 will take place in October and Brad Garlinghouse has been listed as a KeyNote speaker.  So what is Fintech week, and what is the big deal? During Fintech Week, thought leaders from fintech firms across the country—from Amazon to Zcash—describe their business and explain how their services intersect with markets for a global audience consisting of policymakers, market participants, lawyers, and thought-leaders. Last year (2018), an international array of regulators—from the Chairman of the CFTC to the Co-Director of Colombia’s central bank—laid out their perspective on the future of fintech regulatory policy at Georgetown, the IMF and on Capitol Hill.

This event has some interesting keynote speakers lined up as we can see below.  The SEC Chairman Jay Clayton will be on stage and speaking on the same day as Brad Garlinghouse in a theme called “Blockchain Infrastructures”.  This event is something the community should keep an eye on as more details will be released in the coming weeks on an official Agenda.

Fintech Week is held in Washington DC, and is labeled “Washington Unique Policy Forum For Fintech”.  We can only hope that we get more clarity from this meeting as all of the right people will be in the same room and there is a whole day dedicated to blockchain.  Stay Tuned, as more information comes out and the official agenda is released we will be sure to keep everyone updated.

If you do not recall last year’s Fintech meeting – please take a look at this tweet from XRP_Veteran as Ryan Zagon was representing Ripple and shut down 2 bitcoin maximalists in front of the IMF’s Deputy General Counsel Ross Leckow.


Ryan Zagone explains why PoW is useless for adoption. In the middle IMF’s Deputy General Counsel Ross Leckow! On the right side 2 bitcoin maximalist.

XRP VETERAN ✖️ (@XRP_VETERAN) January 16, 2019



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