Breaking News: Ripple Confirms Regulatory Engagement With 50 Governments

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August 14th 2019
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August 14th 2019

Monica Long the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ripple and Michelle Bond who is head of Government Relations for Ripple put out a video yesterday afternoon on Ripples Youtube page in regards to Digitial Currency and Regulations Around The World.

Michelle Bond provided a ton of insight into the current global regulatory climate around the world of digital currency and blockchain.  You can find the full Video below – but here are the key takeaways:

  • Michelle Bond is a lawyer by trade and worked in various aspects of the law and worked in global law firms. She worked for the Senate Banking Committee for the US and the Securities and Exchange Commission and now has come back to the private sector.
  • Ripple is a regulated company within its self.
  • Ripple is finn’s regulated department of financial services and they have a bitlicense
  • Some of the leaders in Regulation:
    UK Financial Conduct Authority has been a leader in this space. put out a revised framework a couple of weeks ago
    Asia-pacific has been leading edge – Sipanpore and Thailand
    Switzerland – adopted the digital asset framework into there existing financial service framework
    Abu Dhabi – looking to attract business
  • Ripple is actively engaged with 50 Governments around the world and the regulators are hearing what Ripple has to say. The US is trying to provide clarity – they have to unless they will lose business overseas.
    Globally regulators really, on the whole, are doing a great job

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