Crypto Insider Plots Bitcoin (BTC) Boom to $1,000,000 – Plus XRP, Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin Updates

Banco Internacional Del Peru Opts on-demand Liquidity by XRP
November 10th 2019
Protecting Crypto Exchanges
Protecting Crypto Exchanges
November 10th 2019



From crypto insier’s tke on Bitcoin’s potentil to the ebte on Stellr’s recent burn of 50 billion XLM, here’s look t some of the stories breking in the worl of crypto.


The co-founer of Hong Kong-bse crypto exchnge BTCC sys Bitcoin will go through few more boom n bust cycles before hitting $ million per BTC.

In new interview t the AIBC Summit in Mlt, Bobby Lee mppe the pth he thinks BTC will tke on the wy to the big seven-figure number.

“Bitcoin’s price goes in wves. So every so-clle bubble, every FOMO run it coul go up by 0 or 0 times the previous high. So the next one coul esily top $00,000 or even $00,000 per Bitcoin…

Then, two more wves will get us to $ million. So I think it will efinitely go up quite bit in the next five, ten yers.”

Lee recently lunche < href="">Bllet, crypto hrwre wllet esigne to mke it esier to store n sen Bitcoin, s well s long list of ltcoins.


Ripple n XRP

The founer n CEO of the online freelnce mrketplce goLnce hs confirme < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">specultion tht the compny is utilizing On-Demn Liquiity, Ripple’s XRP-bse remittnce prouct.

During < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">pnel t Ripple’s Swell conference in Singpore, Michel Brooks si ODL hs llowe the compny to lower costs for its users.

“Our customers re looking for the lowest cost n fstest service. ODL llows us to offer tht.

Pyment efficiency is t the hert of our compny. Since the beginning, Ripple hs llowe us to rop our cost on the front en, giving us strong competitive ege over our counterprts. Cost n spee me the ecision for us to prtner with Ripple.”

The compny first revele its plns to join RippleNet bck in June.

Stellr n Litecoin

Litecoin cretor Chrlie Lee is questioning the mechnics of the Stellr Development Fountion’s < href="" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">recent burn of 55 billion XLM, Stellr’s ntive cryptocurrency – specificlly, its burn of 50 billion XLM tht ws eicte to givewy progrms.

“[The] 50 billion XLMs burne were suppose to be istribute to the community.

Stellr Development Fountion only burne 5 billion of their own 7 billion XLMs. This mens SDF increse their percent of totl coins from 6% (7/05) to 4% (/50). An they i this without ny community iscussions.”

The Fountion sys it burne the coins, effectively reucing the totl supply, becuse it h more coins thn it neee to continue its mission of boosting Stellr’s option n evelopment.

The burn reuce the totl supply of XLM own to 50 billion from 05 billion.

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