EOS, Tron (TRX) And Ethereum (ETH) Outrank Bitcoin (BTC) In Tech, Applicability, And Creativity

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December 11th 2019
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December 11th 2019

The crypto market looks pretty bloody today, at the moment of writing this article, with the most important coins struggling to recover.

On the other hand, despite the huge volatility of the crypto market, the projects behind the digital assets have been going on with their developments and achievements during 2019.

A new crypto ratings index ranks top coins

There’s a new crypto ratings index from China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) out.

This index is sponsored by the government, and it ranks the top crypto assets based on three key factors – tech, applicability, and creativity.

According to the reports coming from the Daily Hodl, the index places a premium on smart contract platforms and EOS, Ethereum, and Tron taking the first, second, and third spots, respectively.

Other leading digital assets by market cap are much further down the list, with Bitcoin being placed at number 9, Stellar Lumens at number 10, and XRP at number 18.

Check out the chart below.


Tron received great support from its community

Justin Sun also tweeted this chart on his social media.

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According to the CCID’s 15th global public #blockchain technology assessment index, #TRON was ranked top 3 in this list together with #EOS and #ETH. In addition, #TRON also ranked No.1 among all Chinese Public #Blockchain. #TRX $TRX pic.twitter.com/5RYCebpL0u

— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) December 9, 2019

Sun received great feedback and support from his followers on Twitter following this post.

Someone commented: “TRON is building infrastructure globally price in this bearish time is irrelevant. IMO in fact it’s a gift I pull in hundreds a month from voting and freezing at these low prices the future will prove even better as far as I’m concerned.”

Another optimistic follower said: “Tron is just getting started 2020 going to be another fabulous year of positive growth onwards.”

Someone else posted this: “Great figures. I would say the important part here is the number 1 Chinese public #blockchain as the Chinese market is going to be massive #JTS #TERC #TRX.”

China supports the blockchain, but it’s against crypto

China enjoys strong support of the blockchain tech from the president, but the country continues to draw a pretty firm line against crypto in general.

Back in November, China’s central bank released a statement highlighting the government’s strong stance against crypto.

Primitive Ventures partner Dovey Wan highlighted a few key points from the release, and you should head over to the Daily Hodl and check them out.

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