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MoneyGram is just doing everything right these days.  First, they partner with leading fintech company Ripple and see their stock fly through the roof and now they are releasing there newly redesigned online platform in the US.  Why is this a big deal? Moneygram just got a major facelift bl slashing fees and taking a shot at Western Union by coming to an agreement to use digital asset XRP.  Think about this as a second life for Moneygram as they continue to march towards the #1 money remittance company in the world.  Do we think they will become king of the throne? If Western Union sits on their ass and doesn’t wake up 1000%.

Today, August 12th, 2019 MoneyGram has officially announced there redesigned online platform in the United States.  MoneyGram’s new site has a faster interface and seamless flow which makes it easier for their customers to zip around.  MoneyGram has also added personalization options and other convenient features. This redesigned really feels like a 2nd life for MoneyGram as it creates a better user experience for customers to send money anytime to over 2 billion bank accounts and mobile wallets or to any MoneyGram location in more than 200 countries and territories.

MoneyGram’s CEO and Chairman had this to say:

We have made significant investments in our digital capabilities over the last few years in order to provide differentiated customer experience, and the improved online platform is another way we’re driving digital growth and staying at the forefront of the industry.

These changes that were made to MoneyGram’s website has made sending money as easy as logging into your bank account!  MoneyGram really focused there redesign on the customer just like there partnership with Ripple and XRP as they now can reduce fees for money being sent to Mexico and the Philippines.  Over the last few years, MoneyGram has done everything it possibly could do to keep up with times and how fast technology is moving.  MoneyGram invested heavily to upgrade its technology infrastructure as digital expansion continues to be a growth engine for the company. Future partnerships will capitalize on the strength of MoneyGram’s leading digital and physical network to serve new customers.

This new platform is available across all 24 MoneyGram websites including Malta, Switzerland, UK, and the US.

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