Ripple and Xendpay Offering UK’s Key Workers Free Transaction to Ease COVID-19 Scourge

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May 22nd 2020
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May 22nd 2020

Ripple and Xendpay are collaboratively offering United Kingdom’s workers free transactions to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in the region.

The UK is the 4th most impacted country in the world. It has recorded 254,195 cases and 36,393 deaths with just 3,823 recoveries as at the time of filing this report.

XendPay, referenced as the first genuinely no fee remittance platform, is offering cheap and seamless cross-border payment services to people in the country willing to send funds to far and wide.

The platform says with the help of Ripple, it is going to be waiving transaction fee for those working on mitigating against COVID-19 at this unprecedented time.

This, according to XendPay, is to show love and encouragement to the workers’ kind gesture as they volunteer during the pandemic.

Key workers who make use of the platform between 3rd April and 3rd June 2020 are to make limitless transactions without any fee.

The service is available to people who intend to send funds to 13 countries that include Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, and many others.

Xendpay runs on Ripple blockchain technology for sending and tracking funds and was conceived to be a platform offering reduced cost international fund transfer.

COVID-19 and Crypto Palliatives

Large tech firms especially the ones in the crypto space have been offering palliatives to people most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ripple Labs donated approximately $200k to wage war against COVID-19 pandemic, and the blockchain enterprise firm is allocating the funds to not-for-profit organizations working on mitigating against the scourge.

According to Ripple, $100,000 was to be given to Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s COVID Regional Response Fund and Tipping Point Emergency’s Response Fund, a San Francisco NGO working on combating poverty in the country. The non-charity organization aims to gather $1 million to fight the pandemic.

Like many other tech firms like Google, Ripple is doing its best to fight the global pandemic which has kept the whole world in devastation since the beginning of the year.

Ripple’s action to introduce a free transaction service to those at the fore of the fight against COVID-19 is a welcome development worth applause from all.

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