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Swell Day 1 Live Stream
November 8th 2019
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November 8th 2019

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Ripple goes further, actively advancing in the field of financial technology. Ripple shows really good results, strengthening its position. The Ripple community is also becoming more confident. So, Ripple’s new partner bkash talked about introducing fintech in Bangladesh, and Weiss Crypto Ratings angered XRP supporters.

Ripple’s new partnership with bkash

Ripple officially announced a partnership with bKash on November 7th. On November 8, during a Swell conference, bKash CEO Kamal Kvadir, along with Ripple Senior Vice President Ashish Birla, discussed the introduction of financial technology in Bangladesh. According to the head of the new partner, Ripple, more than a third of the population of this country lives below the poverty line and does not have access to financial services – in their traditional form. However, bKash is trying to help, and financial services are currently available from this company to 36 million Bangladeshis. The Ripple blockchain will allow this process to be improved and simplified.

Technology company Ripple make financial transfers cheaper and faster. For poor people, it is important that the costs be as low as possible. Therefore, for bKash, Ripple’s collaboration is significant enough. Ripple allows you to complete the task of providing financial services in a rather underdeveloped Bangladesh market.

War on Weiss Crypto Ratings

The Ripple XRP community has launched an online war against Weiss Crypto Ratings. The point is a rather controversial and dubious statement by Weiss Crypto Ratings. The agency, which often publishes ratings of various cryptocurrencies, also sometimes publishes its opinions on social networks about what could happen in the future or how it would be better. One of these judgments provoked a negative reaction from the Ripple XRP community.

Supporters of Ripple XRP criticized Weiss Crypto Ratings for offering to move to Stellar. The agency said that Stellar supposedly might seem better for XRP proponents, despite the fact that Ripple XRP is more integrated and is generally more popular. Representatives of the Ripple XRP community in the comments called such a proposal absurd. Many users began to doubt in general the competence of Weiss Crypto Ratings, as well as the reliability of the data used.

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