Ripple powered MoneyTap To Be Integrated By Fukushima Bank

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Monday morning has been kind to us XRP holders.  1st we get the news that over the weekend the XRP/MXN liquidity index has soared to another all-time high, and now we get the news that SBI backed Fukushima Bank has joined MoneyTap.  Fukushima Bank is a regional bank mainly engaged in the banking business. The Bank operates through two business segments. The Banking segment is engaged in the banking business, including deposit, loan and exchange business, as well as related business. It also engages in software development and operation work and investment business through its subsidiaries. The Leasing segment is engaged in the leasing of information communication equipment, office equipment, and others. The other business provides credit card services and credit guarantee services.


Japanese financial company SBI Holdings Inc. has formed a capital tie-up with Fukushima Bank Ltd. As part of the partnership, the regional lender will integrate Ripple-powered payment application MoneyTap. SBI and Fukushima bank will form capital and strategic tie-up with SBI taking a 17.91% stake in the regional lender. Fukushima Bank will issue new shares to SBI for 222 yen each for a total investment of 1.11 billion yen ($10.17 million), making it the biggest shareholder in the lender.

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