The XRP Ledger Is Now More Decentralized Than Ever. – The XRP Daily

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February 12th 2020
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The XRP Ledger Is Now More Decentralized Than Ever. – The XRP Daily

Recently, @DigifinU and @rippleitinNZ have had their XRPL validators added to the UNL (Unique Node List) which is the highest tier an XRPL validator can become. (credit to @LeoHadjiloizou)

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Validator running at is now included in the dUNL.
Major milestone, as ripples dominance on the dUNL drops below 20%. The hard work starts now to maintain
Reliability | Availability | Consistency

(cont)…#XRPL @Ripple

— (@DigifinU) February 12, 2020

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And now because of that Ripple only runs 17% of the validators on the UNL making it the most decentralized its ever been.

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