TransferGo Looking To Use Ripples On-Demand Liquidity (XRP)

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WOW – Brand new Ripple insights article and boy they did not let anyone down this time. TrasnferGo who we have not heard from in quite some time has dropped a bomb on us. TransferGo is looking to expand its real-time operations into new markets which include Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa and they are looking to utilize ON-DEMAND LIQUIDITY.

TransferGo partnered with Ripple back in 2018.  TransferGo is a digital remittance solution for migrant workers. TransferGo is officially registered and licensed as a payment service provider. Company services are regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), supervised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Control (HMRC) under the Money Laundering Regulation. TransferGo has 700,000 customers across 47 destinations worldwide and completes 1.5 million transactions per year. TransferGo’s mission was to enable same-and next-day international transfers for Europe’s broad base of migrant workers.

CEO Daumantas Dvilinskas stated:

that by 2020, even a few minutes will be too slow, which is why TransferGo is looking to use RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity with XRP as an alternative to pre-funding. At the same time, the company is expanding its real-time operations into new markets in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa with RippleNet.

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