XRP has Fulfilled the Condition for Bullrun With Maximum Increase In Its Price

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February 14th 2020
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February 14th 2020

On Thursday morning, the digital asset market, according to CoinMarketCap, has maintained a positive direction. However, at the press-time, the most crypto assets from TOP-10 demonstrate negative dynamics. Only such assets, like XRP, ETH, and LTC, are trading in the green zone.

The maximum increase in value was recorded in XRP. The crypto asset rate added over 9% or $0.3288 within 24 hours. Note, that the changes were implemented against the background of the appearance on the network of information about the relationship between the largest bank in Egypt and Ripple.

Recall, as DonAlt has repeatedly stated before the condition, that the third-largest cryptocurrency breakthrough the bearish trend only when the XRP price rises above $ 0.30.

The last time a trader pointed to this important condition in early February. And apparently, he was right.
As we can see, this has happened. Therefore, if the price fixes above this zone, the main trend will break.

xrp rate

Source: Coinmarketcap.com

The XRP price is trading above $ 0.32 and keeps gaining momentum. At the moment, this is the only asset in the TOP-10 of the CoinMarketCap rating, which demonstrates about 10% profit. The next goal is $ 0,44. At least Ripple enthusiast under nickname CryptoBull believes it.

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Who is ready for 1 #XRP to be 44 cents today?

— CryptoBull (@CryptoBull2020) February 13, 2020

Also, the crypto asset set a new record in buyers’ volume of 2017 (Buyers vs Sellers). According to the latest data at the Bitstamp crypto exchange, a new maximum has formed at 2.999 billion.

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Xrp / Usd

A few hours ago Xrp broke the previous High in buyers volume of 2017 (Buyers vs Sellers, Bitstamp).

Bullish divergence all the way up non-stop!

Congratulations Xrp 🏆#XRP #XRPCommunity #crypto pic.twitter.com/8FEpUXZLyY

— Wüsten (@KriegVII) February 13, 2020

The last record of 2017 was at the level of 2.916 billion. Therefore, the volume has added more than 80 billion in the last three years. This indicator may also indicate the continued growth of the crypto asset.

The XRP is actively gaining momentum. In this case, Ripple is ahead of everyone because it provides important innovations for the people around the world. This may mean that gradually the partnership of the company will increase significantly. This is likely exponentially. Strengthening the adoption of blockchain in the world leads to an increase in interest in Ripple, and, therefore, many new collaborations.

At the same time, American Forbes presented a list of fifty best startups working in the field of financial technology. The best companies are business participants from various categories. There are payment and insurance startups, digital banks, personal finance management solutions, and Ripple is among them.

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