XRP Liquidity Index Soars As A New All Time High Hits AGAIN

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December 11th 2019
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December 11th 2019

Happy Wednesday.  Yesterday we got news from several XRP community members on Twitter that the XRP Liquidity Index has hit a brand new all-time!

As you can see in the graph below since the MoneyGram and Ripple partnership the daily volume has been ramping up.  We all expected a steady increase to come and that’s exactly what we are seeing.  Not only did we hit a new daily all-time high, but we also hit a new weekly and monthly all-time high.

We have seen a constant ramp-up in liquidity since MoneyGram has announced that they are live with ODL in Mexico.

Now if we compare the Liqduity Index chart from about 3 weeks ago, November 17th we can see a growth in ODL by 1,169,612:


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