XRP users may see extended use of Uphold with XRPL labs and Ripple

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As global payments revolutionize, Ripple wants to be an active participant in the process as it joined the Open Payments Coalition [OPC]. As announced earlier by the cross-border payments processor, 40 other global corporations and non-profit organizations are also a part of the coalition. This included Ripple partner Uphold. Uphold, that used the company’s on-demand liquidity [ODL] platform solution has also been an effective tool in rescuing XRP community’s prominent TipBot.

According to Uphold’s VP of Marketing and Community, Michelle O’Connor this was something that the company wanted for a long time. She recalled:

“I had actually DM-ed Wietse on Twitter, who is the creator in 2018 when we had launched support for XRP. Then a few months after that I said “hey, we need to get you on Uphold”. “

The eventual goal was to get Tipbot on the platform and as the hold of the Dutch regulations got tighter, Wind approached the company to see this plan through as soon as possible. O’Connor in an exclusive interview with AMBCrypto stated that the integration was done by Wind himself withing a span of 24 to 48 hours. The Uphold platform has been used widely by the XRP community and as the integration went live gave way to more users. With Uphold’s debit card functioning hand in hand with Tipbot and Uphold’s platform, it painted the ideal environment for an Uphold user as per the VP.

Apart from integrating Tipbot, Uphold has been in talks with Wind about XUMM, however, no specifics were mentioned. However, Wind who was also a part of the OPC, announced that PayID will be integrated into the XUMM banking application. Parallelly, O’Connor noted that they have been in conversation with Ripple to expand the community and connectivity.

With Ripple and its partners taking giant leaps in on-boarding new users to their platforms, its growth has been upwards despite the performance of the XRP asset.

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