XRP Will Likely Drop 38% Unless It Moves Above This Critical Line As BTC Heads for Bottom: Analyst

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December 2nd 2019
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December 2nd 2019



A prominent crypto nlyst sys XRP is in the nger zone.

TrerSZ tells 39,700 followers on Twitter tht the thir-lrgest cryptocurrency by mrket cp nees to rise bove criticl “mi-rnge” level to voi further 38% brekown.

The nlyst < href="https://twitter.com/trersz/sttus/0073530897983" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">rws tht line t $0.669 – n re of support n resistnce ting bck to 07.

“As long s we hol below mi rnge, expecting XRP/USD to rop towrs $0.35 next.

< href="https://wwwxrpvibe3803d.zapwp.com/q:intelligent/retina:false/webp:false/w:1024/url:https://ilyhol.com/wp-content/uplos/09//EKneLBXYAAJSnk.jpeg" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">Source: TrerSZ/Twitter

TrerSZ isn’t just picking on XRP. He hs berish outlook on the crypto mrkets t lrge.

In the ner term, the trer is short Bitcoin (BTC), n expects the king of crypto to rop below $7,300, then $6,900 n then $6,600.

As for when BTC will hit bottom, the nlyst sys it’s likely to hppen t $6,000.

twitter-tweet” t-with=”550″ t-nt=”true”>

my iel btc pln, slong s we sty below 8300 < href="https://twitter.com/hshtg/btc?src=hsh∓refsrc=twsrc%5Etfw">#btc < href="https://t.co/bk8eKPrEzI">pic.twitter.com/bk8eKPrEzI

— TrerSZ (@trersz) < href="https://twitter.com/trersz/sttus/00743674387866?refsrc=twsrc%5Etfw">November 30, 09

Dily nlyst Josh Rger is on the sme pge.

His new set of technicl nlysis is lerting his crew of 60,300 followers to the $6,000 level s n extremely likely trget for BTC.

Right now, he’s looking to see if support hols t $7,50.

“As long s $750 hols, this will be key re becuse it’s the point of controls, the re with the most volume tre in this rnge.

But let’s not ki ourselves, $6ks re coming gin sooner or lter. Prep your emotions, we’ll get through this like lwys.”

< href="https://wwwxrpvibe3803d.zapwp.com/q:intelligent/retina:false/webp:false/w:1024/url:https://ilyhol.com/wp-content/uplos/09//EKwtfFW4AINwFw.png" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">Source: Josh Rger

Both Bitcoin n XRP hve h rollercoster of yer, with BTC hitting lows ner $3,000 n highs t lmost $4,000.

At time of publishing, BTC is own 0.45% t $7,3 ccoring to < href="http://coinmrketcp.com" trget="blnk" rel="noopener noreferrer">CoinMrketCp – 95% rise from the strt of 09.

XRP hit 09 high of $0.493 in June n low of $0.085 on November 4th.

Right now, the coin is own 0.84% t $0.06 – 37% rop from the strt of 09.

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